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2010 Tigé RZ2 Wakesurf Video Review

April 29th, 2010

Tigé gave us a great opportunity last halloween to review the RZ2 with the pro ballast setup. We had a lot of fun and it was a great boat. We did a full write up of the day which you can find here:

2010 Tigé RZ2 Review

We held the video until now because the season had wound down and we decided to hold the video for our first podcast in 2010, and now we are here. The funny thing is, I intended to make all podcasts in 2010 to be 5-6 minutes long at average, but this one is almost 20 minutes long. As we edited the video we found that the information we needed to cut to get the time down was removing info that we would have wanted if we were going to buy a boat. I have gotten to know many of you that watch our videos and read our articles, and most of you are just like me. Mostly Dads who love boating with your family and you like good information when thinking about purchasing a boat. I have never been fond of the “boat test” or waterski mag type reviews, that all say the same thing, and are basically advertisements. So here you go, its long, but lots of good info. Let me know what you think. Head over to the community and give me some feedback.

One last note, I added the graphics and opening, but RJ edited this completely on his own. I have been teaching him, and he will be editing future podcasts, so it will help us keep up a pace of about 1 per week. Great Job RJ!

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NOTE: If you are a boat manufacturer, and you would like wake9 to give your boat the same treatment, feel free to contact us. We really want to promote great wakesurf boats, particularly wakesurf boats that throw a great wake on both sides.

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