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Quickie Wakesurf Contest – Best Recovery

June 21st, 2010 Comments off

So its time for the first Quickie. What is a Quickie, well it is basically a quick contest where you submit video. On this quickie, you can win one of’s special industrial Camera Mount for your boat and your handheld HD camera. It works on any camera that has a tripod mount underneath. We had fun with this video/podcast, I guess we like to be stupid on occasion, maybe too often. ;-)

NOTE: No need to BEAT RJs video, its just an example of a great recovery. We want to see your recovery vids, and we will judge them apart from RJs for the prize. You may submit up to 7/6/2010. Have fun!

Here are some pictures of the camera mount and how we mount it to the fiberglass, it is rock solid. You will win a BRAND NEW one of these, minus the camera.

If you would like to provide a prize and sponsor one of these quickie contests, feel free to contact me. We will be doing them several times through the summer.

Just Use the Contact form at the bottom of this post, after the video to submit your video from any service like Vimeo, Youtube, Google, etc.

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