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    by Published on 10-07-2014 02:58 AM   

    So here is where we are at today:


    1. Nautique G21 with NSS
    2. Axis T22 with Surfgate
    3. Tige Z3 with new AVX
    4. Supra SC 450 with Swell
    5. Pavati AL 24 -- Special thanks to Chuck for working hard on this. He says the boat will have their "latest surf system".

    6. Centurion FS33 with Ramfill -- Feel free to email centurion if you really want to see this boat in the line up. I know they are working on it.

    If the FS33 doesn't make it, we are going to load the Wake9 Z3 up with extra weight with RJ driving it for you. It will have a minimum of 4k of water in it just for fun, and just for some off season exhibition fun!

    I think this is our best line up yet, we really worked hard to get a good mix. Set the tone for the Best Wakesurf Boats of the 2015 season.
    by Published on 09-03-2014 05:04 PM   

    UPDATE 2014-09-04: Registration is FULL. If you have never attended and REALLY want to go, use the contact us form and give us your information, we will see what we can do.

    We have worked with Pleasure Cove Marina to come up with some terrific lodging options. There is what we believe are options for everyone. There will be cabins that sleep 4 and 8 people. There are 4 bedroom houseboats that will stay on the dock as cabins, full RV hook ups, and tent options as well. Hopefully this will appeal to everyone. If not the town of Winters about 20 miles away with lodging as well.

    Please use the comments on this page or click here to see the forum interface. Janelle and I will monitor it and try to answer any lodging questions. Also we hope that it will serve as a media to try and help people find others to share some expense by matching up with lodging options. Last year I helped many people organize and find others to share houseboat lodging. I think it worked out and some good friendships have been created by sharing a roof.
    I have already filled one houseboat and think there is another with three of the four rooms filled. If people are not interested in the forum they can contact us direct and we will be happy to try and match people up for lodging options.

    If you are interested in a cabin......
    TERRY BAKER is the contact at Pleasure Cove (707) 966-9600
    You must tell her you are with the Polar Bear event

    4 person Cabin....97$ per night including tax. Regular 180
    8 person Cabin....154$ per night including tax. Regular 285
    The cabins do NOT include linens. You will need to bring a sleeping bag or your own sheets.
    They do not offer frills, mostly a clean place to sleep and shower.
    All cabins do include a small refrigerator, microwave, charcoal grill, and private bath.

    If you are interested in a houseboat....
    AMBER is the contact at pleasure Cove. (707) 966-9605
    Do not go through Forever resorts as they will not honor this rate, you must talk to Amber and tell her you are with the Polar Bear event

    59' houseboat with 4 bedrooms and a pull out couch.
    378$ per night includes tax.

    RV sites full hookups......40$ per night
    Campground......34$ per night
    Overnight boat slips....25$ per night

    The rates are a tremendous discount so please tell her thank you for working with us.

    More questions please feel free to post a comment on this page, or use the forum interface by clicking here.
    by Published on 08-22-2014 01:24 AM   

    UPDATE 9/2: Rob Harrington is finishing putting together the lodging options and will be done tonight. We will start taking registration on 9/3 at 7pm PDT NOT 9/2.

    Polar Bear Registration will be open to all on September 3, 2014 at 7pm PDT. We are sorry for the late announcement, but due to the drought, we almost skipped this year. Here are the details I can share so far.

    • We plan on 6 amazing boats.
    • We plan to allow 30 or 36 riders this year.
    • Approximately 15 of those spots will be held for first time attendees.
    • We will be having something for folks that want to attend but not be part of the organized surf. More details to follow.
    • The event dates are October 11 & 12, feel free to be here on the 10th to hang.
    • The place will be Pleasure Cove at Lake Berryessa, just 90 mins from Sacramento or San Francisco airports.
    • We will be posting more details when we get back from our Dallas EWT event, by Friday August 29.
    • Watch the messages in this post for questions.
    by Published on 08-07-2014 02:55 AM   

    This video was done in the spring, but it is with the VX and TAPS from the new 2015 Z1 and Z3 models. The wake is amazing.

    by Published on 08-01-2014 03:28 AM   

    This kid has come out of nowhere, and if he continues the way he is going, he is headed for the top.

    by Published on 07-17-2014 03:18 AM   

    I get a lot of questions about editing. Here is a video I created of Thomas progressing, using some fun techniques.

    And here is a 25 minute tutorial on how I did it, what we use to film, etc.

    by Published on 07-14-2014 03:12 AM   

    A lot of confusion can surround this term to describe the power of the wakesurf wake. We try to break it down a bit for you.

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