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    We have almost half of the reviews in from the riders, but like every year, getting the last of them is like herding cats! ...
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    So here is where we are at today:


    1. Nautique G21 with NSS
    2. Axis T22 with Surfgate
    3. Tige Z3 with new AVX
    4. Supra SC 450 with Swell
    5. Pavati AL 24 ...
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    UPDATE 2014-09-04: Registration is FULL. If you have never attended and REALLY want to go, use the contact us form and give us your information, we will see what we can do.

    We have worked with Pleasure Cove Marina to come up with some terrific lodging ...
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    UPDATE 9/2: Rob Harrington is finishing putting together the lodging options and will be done tonight. We will start taking registration on 9/3 ...
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    Big thanks to Marco Thompson and all of his helpers for putting on a great first year event. They had a lot of boats and a good turn out of riders and the weather was amazing, something only Southern California can provide. Marco is a great guy, and I felt like we were on the same team when it comes to his spirit for teaching people how to wakesurf and growing the sport. His enthusiasm and great attitude are infectious, and it set the tone for the event. If you missed it this year and you are within 200 miles or so, that was probably a mistake. These events are a blast and a great way to step out of your comfort zone and try new stuff.

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    RJ and I have put on 4 Polar Bear events and have had the opportunity to see people ride lots of great surf boats. This is the first time, however, we have been able to enjoy an event ...
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    The Polar Bear event sure has been one of those things that sort of came out of nowhere for us. It started as an idea for larger guys to challenge surf board manufacturers to build some "big guy" boards. ...
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    So Ashley Chugg edited together a new video that shows as many riders as possible. Check it out.

    The Rider reviews of boats and boards ...