• Podcast: Breakin' in the RZ2

    Slayshtank rider Chase Hazen killing it on the RJ's board. by wake9, on Flickr

    We love our new RZ2, and it makes a great wake. So when we got it home, we new we had to break it in right. We called some of our friends, namely the Wakeshredder.com crew, led by Sean Cummings including James Walker. We were also privileged to host Slayshtank rider Chase Hazen. Chase broke his Shredstixx Elevation board, but showed his true skill killing it on whatever we threw him. We just got back from the NWWSA Wakesurf Open competition which was a great comp and a great weekend. My original intention was to get these guys on the boat, maybe do some "how to" videos, some promo type stuff....

    But I remembered something that Chase said to me at the comp. I told him how much I loved watching him surf, and especially competing with James. They are both good sports and just push each other to be insanely great. He said to me, with a smile on his face, "I know, thanks, its been a long time since I have just free ridden with James." That nailed it for me. I love to see them compete, but I just love to watch them surf more. So I invited Chase down and decided we were just going to surf, and share it. What a great day. On the video you will see James, and Chase, and our favorite Skim rider and friend, Sean Cummings, Shayla "The Swimmer", Trinity Schramm, RJ, and the big kahuna himself, the master weighter, the wakeologist, Dennis Horton.

    We had the RZ2, the pontoon, and our waverunners out to move people around. Amy drove the pontoon and Maddie manned the chase camera on the pontoon. Tbone and Jessie provided support. Dennis did the weighting duties while I manned the ballast boy seat and manned the cameras on the RZ2. I actually destroyed 3 cameras that day. I wanted the cameras low to get the best angle, and well, 3 cameras went toast, but it was worth it. Do you know how hard it is to keep water off the lens with the way those 3 guys throw water around with their boards? Amy made sandwiches for us for lunch and we ate while docked to the pontoon.

    Whitney said it was her bestest day ever. She just rode around on the waverunner messing around with Trinity and shuttling people, smiling everywhere she goes.

    Oh yeah, and then there was Bre Horton and her new camera and lens, wow, what great pics. After the video you can view the slideshows of all the amazing pictures she took.

    RJ and I took our time on this video, we spent half a day just discussing how we were going to lay it out, and pick the music. Do you know how important the right music is to us? We love music, and I love the music we chose on this video. I will be posting the playlist of the music, so you can support the artists if you like them.

    Enjoy, and be sure to download to your mobile device or your living room console, this is a great one to watch on the big screen like we do.

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    Here is the slide show, make sure you watch in full screen:

    And now for the music. We are experimenting with easily embedding iTunes iMixes in the Community. Still testing, but soon you can do this in forums. So here is the playlist for this video.