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    So my plan was to release the video, the photo albums, and the reviews and comments all at the same time. However, I finished the video and had a ton of fun making ...
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    We have over 10000 images and 225GB of video that we are working through, but I got through all of the chase photos which are some of my favorite every year, and give you the best overall picture of the event, I think.

    Everyone seemed to have a great time and the wakesurfing community never ceases to amaze me. People just get along and have a great time even though they are crammed in a tight space for many hours at a time.

    There were 5 boats sponsored by each manufacturer and weighted by each:

    • 2012 Tige Z3 with Convex VXT prototype
    • 2013 Centurion Enzo 244
    • 2013 SkiSupreme V226
    • 2013 Sanger 237
    • 2013 Pavati AX-V24 Prototype

    There were 50+ boards and we had special racks on top of the barge to hold them all and then distribute to all of the riders. We separated the event into 5 separate 2 hour sessions, 5 groups of people with 4-5 members, giving each rider about 20 minutes per session. 3 sessions on Saturday and then 2 on Sunday. 5 meals were provided for everyone ...
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    So we have a bit of a change of plans. As is our custom, we always do an advance run at the lake to make sure everything is ready for us. In NorCal, most of California, lakes are very susceptible to rapidly changing water levels. Camp Far West is WAY down. We had been calling and were told the levels were the same as last year, but that is not the case. Due to our Florida trip this is the first time we were able to get down there. There is not enough water to accommodate us, and now since we are definitely going to have 6 boats, it may not have been enough even if it was the same as last year. Very excited to have so many boats this year.

    No worries, we have always had a plan B, and honestly, due to the number of boats, I think this is going to be better. I know some of you had reserved RVs in this location, please contact me if you have any problems canceling that and I will do what I can to help. I am also going to be looking for the same type of service at our new location. I will be making calls tomorrow.

    We are going to be moving to Lake Oroville Marina (formerly Lime Saddle ...
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    First, all of these details are posted and will be kept up to date here:


    I am sorry for taking a while to get all of this up but I have been on the phone and getting everything lined up, its a lot of work. I am also in the process of catching up on 3 events worth of contest video. I am very enthused that so many have contacted me about this event and want to be a part. This year is going to be amazing, I am so stoked. This has become a premiere event to show off the best of the best in World Class Wakesurf boats and World Class Wakesurf boards. We are going to have 6 boats there, maybe 7. What? ...
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    Stay tuned, we plan on starting registrations next week. We will update our facebook and twitter feeds with updates also. The dates ...