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    by Published on 10-16-2013 04:29 AM   
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    Dave has a great story. He came to the Polar Bear in 2011 if I remember and didn't own a wakesurf boat at the time but loved to wakesurf. After the event he was obsessed and was jonesing for a great wake. Dave didn't have the budget for a new boat and was looking for a great used boat for a bargain. He asked for ...
    by Published on 08-24-2012 03:23 AM   
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    The Polar Bear event is coming up on 10/13 and 10/14 and registrations will be starting shortly. One of the great things about the Polar Bear event is that a group of people addicted to wakesurfing get together to surf their brains out behind the best wakesurf boats anywhere, and the best wakesurf boards available. Its an amazing time and life long friends are made. Dave Rusch from Lake Tahoe was one of the attendees in 2010 and was looking to get a great board and his own wakesurf boat. In the end he wasn't ready to drop the coin for a new wakesurf boat so he spent some time doing research and asked me for my thoughts on some good used boats he could get a at a decent price. Dave is goofy footed and most of his friends are regular so a great wake on both sides was a must. I gave him some recommendations and on my short list was a used Tige 22v. I had seen others make a great wake with this boat and they can be found on craigslist or other places at a fair price. Well dave found an AMAZING deal and we just went out this weekend with him and ...