Does the Flyboy really fly?

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So we replaced the traction on RJ's flyboy. We have learned that RJ is a bit taller then James and Chris and a bit wider stance. The flyboy doesn't seem to like the front foot past the apex of the rocker, you can see it here:

You can see that point in this pic, in front of RJs shoulder.

So we moved the rear traction as far back as we felt comfortable and went for it. Wow, what a difference. Of course, he has also been taken a bit to get used to it. I am not going to embarrass myself by getting overly technical when Jeff has already blogged it all, and its good stuff. But just pick this board up, and you know its different. It is SO friggin light. RJs comment, is that his TWP JWSM feels like it is now waterlogged, how light this board is. And light, but still strong, stronger than any other board we have. I don't this thing is going to heel dent at all.

RJ is throwing his 3s today, smoother then ever.

Making the transition from forward motion to reverse is where he has to shift weight to his heels and this is a tough area to stay balanced. He is more sure footed on the flyboy.

RJ progressively was able to get more acceleration and boost higher and higher.

I have never seen RJ get this much of a grab on his airs.

You can see the new traction is ALL the way back and allowing him to still have a natural stance and keeping his front foot behind that apex.

Still boosting.

Whitney likes it also.

OK, this whole thread was because of this one picture. I still can't believe this is RJ. I was very proud of him. This isn't from the swim deck or anything, from the sunpad just in front of my seat.

Cool, Huh? Seriously, you just have to have someone hand you one of these things, and you feel the difference instantly.