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Congrats to Worlds Riders!

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The WWSC was this past weekend and we were able to make it out for Friday. Congrats to all the riders, but I want to throw out a special congrats to 2 people.

1. Angie Viland. Angie and her husband Mike came to our 2nd Polar Bear event and really got stoked about wakesurfing. She decided to try a contest at the West Coast Open. She was so scared. She came up to me at the open and her knees were literally shaking. I told her just to relax and have fun and she did great. Now she is at worlds and she gets on the podium!?

2. Chase Hazen. Chase is a great friend of wake9 and we love him. Its not just cause he surf's incredibly, he is just a great kid. Seriously, I would adopt this kid. The WWSC Championship has eluded him til now, and so we were quietly rooting for him. Great job Chase, we are all proud.

Lot of other friends of wake9 did well, but I really wanted to point out these 2. Great job to all.

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