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    Hey Wake9 and Friends,

    I am new to this forum and am opening up a new shop in Naples, Maine in May. The Wake Surfing scene just started to really take off this past
    season. I currently have a selection of the Inland Surfer boards and the Slingshot Arcane that I will carry. I know that the Squirt and Mucus are PricePoint boards for Inland and the Arcane is reasonable, but was wondering if there were some quality boards that retail around the $300 - $350 range?

    Captain Dingley's Board Shop

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    Default Should have added.

    Should have added, that I am looking for Wakesurf dedicated companies.

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    Thats a tough one, in that range. Thats a good question for mitch, I will raise him.

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    That's cool that you are looking to carry wakesurf specific brands, most retailers wont. The problem is that no other wakesurf specific brands have boards between $300-$350. Victoria Skimboards makes a wakesurf model called the Factor which retails for $379. It is a really good board and is often over looked. It is better than most Phase 5s in my opinion. Triple X also makes some decent boards that are cheaper than most Wakesurf Specific brands.

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    Wake9 Community,

    Thanks Mitch and Ragboy. I'll give them a look. Thanks for the suggestion. I have actually found a solution to help lower costs. We are teaming up with a local shaper in Maine. We will be creating custom surf and skim shapes. Helps eliminate the expensive shipping charges and other factors. I'll keep you posted with pictures and info on how they ride.


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