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Thread: any advice on the wake

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    Default any advice on the wake

    Moomba xlv

    1100 surf side locker, 650 ski locker, 600 midship on surf side, 600 on the rear floor toward surf side.

    Any insight? Seems to have good push but I would appreciate some insight from real wakesurf experts. We surfed for the first time last summer and love it!

    Sorry these are not very good videos but the only ones that I have.
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    How many people are you riding with? Seems like a lot of weight if you have a big crew. Not sure on the Moomba but I am not really a fan of sacs on the floor in front the seats as I think sometimes it moves weight toward the center and counters the weight on the outside. Are you able to fill all of the sacs to capacity? Looks clean though and that is a good thing.

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    We normally have 2 adult and two kids on the boat since we try to head out 4 or 5 times a week during the summer. Weekends can be 4-6 adults and 2 kids.

    Good insight on the floor bag taking away from the listing of the boat.

    The v drive locker bag is very close to full (1100lb bag), ski locker bag is full(650lbs), I have 2 400lb bags stashed under the surf side seat and under the console near midship pushed against the side wall. I would guess that they fill to 500-600 lbs. All of these bags are hidden. I have a 600lb bag that I can move around.

    The rub rail is still 12-16 inches from the water.

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    Any additional insight based on the video?

    Other than the fact that I need a lot more practice.

    Water was in the mid 40s btw.

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    Your wave isn't bad. It is clean and you don't seem to struggle to stay with the boat. Did you get the rubrail closer to the water line?

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    We got the rubrail a bit closer this time but we still have about 10 inches to the rub rail. There were only 2 people in the boat and one was on the wrong side driving. I can't wait to see what we can do when the weather warms and I can get some more bodies in the boat.

    Until then, I'll keep practicing and having tons of fun.




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