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Thread: Another rookie looking for a board!

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    I want to get my family and friends started wakesurfing, so I'm looking for a cheep starter board that will work behind my Glastron GLS 195 bowrider w/ tower. Knowing that the wake is less than impressive behind a sportboat, do you know of any boards that would work for my nephews and myself who all are 6 foot plus tall and 210 to 260 lbs. I would put us at the beginner + wakeboard skill level.

    Thanks guys! You have a GREAT site going here!

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    If you have a sterndrive(I/O) I can not recommend a wakesurf board for you. It is too unsafe.
    You must have an inboard boat in order to wakesurf.

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    So you're saying it's time to trade boats! Thanks wakemitch! This is just the excuse i've been looking for to sell my wife on a new boat! lol Thanks

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    Besides being unsafe, I believe it is actually illegal to wakesurf behind a sterndrive or outdrive boat.



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