thread: 2011 lsv dialing

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    Aug 2011

    2011 lsv dialing

    Hi i'm about to dial in my 11 lsv and I'm wondering if this will fit/work well..

    we bought it with gravity III ballast, 400 on the 2 rear sacs then 750 in the center.
    Recently I just got another 750 lb bag and I'm wondering if I can fit the 750 sac where the 400 is
    and if i can just move the 400 under the side seats on the surf side

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    Jan 2012

    750 will fit for sure. 1100 will max out the v drive locker (get the 1100 if yiu can). I have heard that the other bags will fit under the seat but you may need to cut out the cooler in the seat bench.

    I have an XLV so I have never tried it myself.

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    Aug 2011

    I tried out an 1100 lb bag and it worked out great! We filled it up probably 1000+ lbs and when we were going our rub rail was < an inch above the water level. We need some port side weight though to get the wave longer I think

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    Mar 2010

    Not sure on that boat but in general the way to get a longer wake is speed or push the nose down. Pushing the nose down can be more weight up front our trim tab adjustment.