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Polar Bear 2010 Recap

[UPDATE: 2010-11-10 11am] A great time was had by all, and a new standard has been set for wakesurf demos. Wake9.com and CalMarineSports of Suisun City teamed up to bring together 3 world class wakesurf boats and 40+ of the best wakesurf boards. 20+ lucky riders from California, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona and Idaho came together to ride all day and get behind all 3 boats and as many boards as they could get their hands on. Several sponsors stepped up to the plate and helped provide an amazing 70 foot luxury houseboat from Lake Oroville Marina for us all to stage from. How cool is that? Please take the time to view the banners on the right of this page and visit the sponsors. It was an amazing time, and we need to share the love so that we can do it again!

It was truly humbling to watch everyone have such a great time enjoying this sport we love so much. Also, it was amazing to see the team work that it took from everyone to pull it all off. I remember being on the houseboat the night before and working on how we were going to group the riders together for the next day of riding. It had to be organized well to make sure everyone got plenty of riding time. We had decided that 15 minutes a ride, and 3 rides for each rider, one on each boat would probably be best. I was thinking we should group riders together by friends and family, but Mitch Lemos and Dennis Horton were with me and I asked for their help. They came up with the idea to instead group people by there size and preference for boards. You see, I gathered information from each rider (which you can see below) about their riding skill, size and weight, and preferences. Mitch and Dennis felt that if they were grouped this way, they could share boards during their 15 minutes, and therefore get the opportunity to demo many more boards. This was genius. I was the camera operator/ballast boy on the RZ2 and I watched the riders switch boards up to 3-4 times in one 15 minute session. Some riders got to demo 10 boards that day, how cool is that? Also, people started with other folks they did not know well, but ended up making great friends on the boats. I would even guess some will be friends for a long time to come. That is the true amazing thing about wakesurfing and why wake9/the garcias love it so much. It brings people together.

After a day of wakesurfing, we all came in at slightly different times to find Amy and Whitney and Dennis preparing the night's meal. We had purchased some special marinated strip steak from the Chico Meat Locker, our favorite butcher. After all day on the water, fresh grilled marinated strip steak and all the fixings sure did hit the spot. We all laughed at the events of the day, especially for me was Sue Penner riding behind the RZ2. She was completely animated about the wake, and then about the speed of the Flyboy she finally got a chance to try. You can see her animation towards the end of the RZ2 video below. Finally, most had to leave and a few stayed over for some more private demos. I can't wait to do this again. We will be doing this type of demo at the Spring Festival in May, and again at the end of the season. Stay tuned to Wake9.com as the details come together.

We have lots of great video and information for you to view from the event. First, check out the prototype Flickr/Wake9 image viewer below where you can filter/select and only view the images you want to see. Visit the community forums if you have any suggestions or issues. It is not styled yet by our artist, but it is a working prototype.


The videos from the event and slide shows of all the pictures are at the bottom of this page. There are 4 videos, the first is a recap that also shows videos of the boat wakes shown one after the other so you can compare them for yourselves. Care was taken to use 3 identical video cameras and positioned in the same place so that the video of the wakes should be presented in such a way for viewers to compare wakes. The pictures are not this way, there are several cameras and many angles and pictures can't be compared very well. There are 3 other videos, each shows every rider and every board we have video of. A few rides were missed, but just a few. Each video is of each boat and presented in chronilogical order throughout the day. We came home with 3000+ pictures and over 80GB of 1080P video, so this was a major task, but we had a great time. Enjoy. NOTE: The setups for each boat are spoken of at the beginning of each video. I may have forgotten to mention speed. The Enzo ran at 11mph, Supreme at 11mph, and the RZ2 at 12mph.

Don't forget to view all of the riders comments that we have compiled, lots of great, unedited comments to help you review these boards and boats by proxy.

View Riders Statistics and Wake/Board Comments

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