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Polar Bear 2012 - The Best Wakesurf Boats and Boards - Review

Nothing compares to the Polar Bear event for the chance to demo the best wakesurf boats and the best wakesurf boards in the world. This year we collected 24 riders from all over the country and 5 amazing boats, 50 amazing boards and we all surfed until we went jelly legged. Make sure you watch the main video and view the great pictures. There is also a video for each boat for those of you that would like to share the video from your favorite boat. Use the interface below to read all of the reviews and comments from the riders for the various boats and boards.

To view all of the pictures, click here for the collection up on Flickr.com.

[UPDATE 2012-11-14] We are missing all but one review, all videos and images are posted. We will be adding links to view images by rider soon.

Click on a rider, boat, or board to view the comments, videos and pictures.
Rider Id: 4
Gender: MaleAge: 37 years
Weight: 185lbsHeight: 5'4"
Rider Id: 5
Gender: MaleAge: 44 years
Weight: 200lbsHeight: 5'11"
Rider Id: 6
Gender: MaleAge: 39 years
Weight: 200lbsHeight: 5'8"
Rider Id: 7
Gender: FemaleAge: 42 years
Weight: 125lbsHeight: 5'4"
Rider Id: 8
Gender: MaleAge: 48 years
Weight: 165lbsHeight: 5' 11"
Rider Id: 9
Gender: MaleAge: 33 years
Weight: 185lbsHeight: 6'2"
Rider Id: 10
Gender: MaleAge: 51 years
Weight: 190lbsHeight: 5'9"
Rider Id: 11
Gender: FemaleAge: 48 years
Weight: 140lbsHeight: 5'7"
Rider Id: 12
Gender: MaleAge: 29 years
Weight: 235lbsHeight: 6'0"
Rider Id: 13
Gender: FemaleAge: 51 years
Weight: 150lbsHeight: 5'8"
Rider Id: 14
Gender: MaleAge: 40 years
Weight: 185lbsHeight: 5'10"
Rider Id: 15
Gender: MaleAge: 44 years
Weight: 210lbsHeight: 5'10"
Rider Id: 16
Gender: FemaleAge: 35 years
Weight: 110lbsHeight: 5'2"
Rider Id: 17
Gender: MaleAge: 29 years
Weight: 200lbsHeight: 5'10"
Rider Id: 18
Gender: MaleAge: 40 years
Weight: 160lbsHeight: 6.0
Rider Id: 19
Gender: MaleAge: 36 years
Weight: 160lbsHeight: 6'
Rider Id: 20
Gender: MaleAge: 45 years
Weight: 190lbsHeight: 5"10
Rider Id: 21
Gender: MaleAge: 31 years
Weight: 200lbsHeight: 6'1
Rider Id: 22
Gender: MaleAge: 40 years
Weight: 200lbsHeight: 6'
Rider Id: 23
Gender: FemaleAge: 41 years
Weight: 125lbsHeight: 5'5"
Rider Id: 25
Gender: MaleAge: 35 years
Weight: 200lbsHeight: 5'10
Rider Id: 26
Gender: MaleAge: 18 years
Weight: 155lbsHeight: 5'8''
Rider Id: 27
Gender: MaleAge: 40 years
Weight: 175lbsHeight: 5'9"
Centurion Boats
Model: 2013 Enzo 244
Pavati Marine
Model: 2012 AX-V24
Sanger Boats
Model: 2013 V237 Surf Edition
Ski Supreme
Model: 2013 V226
Tigé Boats
Model: 2012 Z3 with Prototype Convex VX
Inland Surfer: Black Pearl
Size: 4'8"
Inland Surfer: Blue Lake V2
Size: 5'4"
Inland Surfer: Mucus
Size: 5'0"
Inland Surfer: Squirt
Size: 5'0"
Inland Surfer: Swallow V2
Size: 5'3"
Inland Surfer: Sweet Spot Pro
Size: 4'9"
Liquid Force: Doum Lagace Pro
Size: 4'6"
Mendonesia Surf: Chris Wolter Signature
Size: 4'8"
Mendonesia Surf: Half Moon
Size: 4'8"
Mendonesia Surf: Mendo Long Board
Size: 5'8"
Phase 5: Colt
Size: 4'10"
Phase 5: Danielo Diamond
Size: 4'3"
Phase 5: Danielo Diamond
Size: 4'6"
Phase 5: Danielo Pro Carbon
Size: 4'3"
Phase 5: Danielo Pro Carbon
Size: 4'6"
Phase 5: Model X
Size: 4'10"
Phase 5: Oogle
Size: 4'10"
Shred Stixx: Piranha
Size: 4'11"
Shred Stixx: Pro Model
Size: 4'8"
Shred Stixx: Thresher
Size: 4'11"
Soulcraft: Jetty
Size: 4'8"
Triple X: Nitro
Size: 5'0"
Triple X: Slayer
Size: 4'8"
Victoria Skimboards: Agent
Size: 4'3"
Victoria Skimboards: Factor
Size: 4'2"
Walker Project: Bomb Pop
Size: 4'9"
Walker Project: F-18
Size: 4'8"
Walker Project: Signature
Size: 4'5"
Walker Project: Signature
Size: 4'9"