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    by Published on 08-07-2010 04:41 PM  Number of Views: 1952 

    Alrighty, I just stayed up all night Thursday and edited out all of Masters Male and Female, and here is masters male. There was some pretty good riding in this division, I was quite impressed, especially by Scott Culp's run. He pulled a 3, shove, Fire hydrant, and hang five. Very good run in my humble opinion. Anyways, I really enjoyed watching all of your guys' videos, and I hope you all enjoy them too. All of the runs are in the same order that the riders rode in comp. So Scott Culp is first then Antony Egnal, and so on. And the podium finishers are Mac Page in first, Scott Culp in second, and Jeff Page in third. The videos are on the left each with their own riders section. Enjoy!