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    by Published on 08-11-2010 08:03 AM

    At wake9.com we work very hard to make each video as important as any other. The last non podium junior riders are just as important as the run of Dominic Lagace or Keenan Flegal. I mean, grandmas gotta watch too, right? We had a power problem on the regular boat and 2 files from the end of each day were corrupted. 1 had all of the Regular footed Amateur women from the end of Saturday, and the other had the Mens Finals from the end of the day Sunday. Both were equally important to us, and we paid an outside service to recover. The men's open regular file was restored, but we could not restore the Regular Amateur Women's runs. I am very sorry, and we will continue to work harder to make sure we capture each and every run in the future.