#prayforgodzilla event schedule and information

Please read all information carefully. This event is organized carefully to ensure everyone gets the most out of the event and equal time behind the boats. Keep checking your email for a final info email on Thursday night.

Forms and Checkin

There are two forms you must fill out, sign and bring with you to the event. They will be required when you reach the dock on Saturday morning.

Wake9 Event Release Form¬†–¬†WWA Event Insurance Release Form

Friday Schedule

If you are on a houseboat you can get on the houseboat as early as noon on friday. You must be on the houseboat by 4:30pm to get a shuttle to the houseboat dock unless you want to swim. ūüėČ If you are going to be later than 4:30pm please let Rob or Janelle know so that we can be looking for you to give you a lift over if necessary. Rob Harrington has your parking pass so you don’t have to pay for parking if you are on a houseboat.

If you are not on a houseboat, you can show up early on Saturday.

Saturday Schedule

  • 8:15am – On the dock ready to surf with your board. Coffee & stuff provided. You will be given your group assignment and any pertinent information, sign releases.
  • 8:45am – Bootie must be on boat.
  • 9:15am – Surfing starts for Session One
  • 10:45am – Boats meet at designated location to swap groups.
  • 11:00am –¬†Surfing starts for Session¬†Two
  • 12:30pm – Lunch at designated location
  • 1:30pm –¬†Surfing starts for Session¬†Three
  • 3:00pm –¬†Boats meet at designated location to swap groups.
  • 3:15pm –¬†Surfing starts for Session¬†Four
  • 5:00pm – Head in, pizza for all at houseboats.

Sunday Schedule

  • 9:00am – On the dock ready to surf with your board. Same groups.
  • 9:15am – Bootie must be on boat.
  • 9:30am – Surfing starts for Session¬†Five
  • 11:00am – Boats meet at designated location to swap groups.
  • 11:30am –¬†Surfing starts for Session Six
  • 1:30pm – Head in…
  • 2:00pm –¬†Tearful goodbyes and head to the pharmacy for Ben-Gay

Final Boat List

  • 2016 Tige RZX
  • 2016 Nautique G23
  • 2016 Supra SG (23’8″)
  • 2015 Wake9/EWT Z3
  • 2016 Regal 2100 RX Surf (Saturday sessions only due to scheduling conflict)
  • 2015 Centurion FS33 with Quicksurf (Sunday sessions only, thank you Hillside Honda Marine and Jeremy Knowles)
  • 2016 Supreme 238 (We are working very hard on this, but this boat may be swapped out for a 226. We are hoping to have the 238)

Food Info

We will be providing pizza and salad for all on the houseboats on Saturday night and we would like everyone to attend. We will have a great time and will provide a shuttle to the dock/shore for those not staying in the house boats.

More info?

Video and Photos – SWARM!

We are planning on driving around in a pontoon boat and taking lots of video and pictures of all of you. This year, we want to try something a BIT different. Bring your cell phone or go pro and please take LOTS of pictures and video. After the event, we are going to ask you to upload all of them to a special location and then we are going to go through them and use them in our event videos and photo albums. We are really looking forward to this and can’t WAIT to see what you shoot!

Video TIP:¬†Please make sure you film with your camera horizontally. If you don’t know what I mean, watch this video (NO VERTICAL VIDEO). Also, if you have the ability, please use the slow motion setting for the video and record at 120FPS. So if you have the option of recording video at 1080P and 60FPS and 720P at 12oFPS please record at 720p/120FPS. This will help us make a funner video. If you can do 240FPS, that is great, but sometimes at 240, the picture isn’t as good especially in low light. If you only have slow motion at 480P resolution, than stick with 720p at 30 or 60FPS. If you don’t understand any of that, just record in HD and watch the VIDEO.

Boat Review by Proxy

Remember that the primary purpose of this event is a “review by proxy”. That means that others are going to watch the video and read your comments to help them decide on a future wakesurf boat. You must put you bias to one side for this event and give your honest feedback. If you can’t do that, you shouldn’t ride. Your comments will be anonymous, so don’t worry. We will be giving you a questionnaire by email right after the event which will include personal details like height, weight, skill level, etc. This is necessary for the viewers. Notebooks will be kept on the boats so that you can write down notes to recall later. We will give these to you after the event. Be cool and apply the golden rule, if everyone is looking to make sure everyone else gets a good ride, then everyone will. So don’t look out for yourself, look out for everyone else.

Lastly, enjoy yourself and make friends. Meet new people and grow your wakesurf community.