Lead Wake Steel Bags


Quality steel ballast bags that are easy to handle.

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The bags ship in mid November, you will not be charged until they ship.

I first experienced these types of ballast bags back in 2010 and I loved them but they were harder to come by. Up to that point I had used POP bags but the actual “bag” part of them was hard to move around and they came apart, they were not durable. These Lead Wake bags are made of sturdy Corder 1000D material with a 2″ nylon strap for easy handling. Bags or lead that are difficult to handle are bad for your boat, because you drop them. These are super easy to handle and place and they are made of material that won’t damage anything.


  • Do not leave the bags in your boat while on the trailer. Trailers are not rated for the extra weight. This will cause excessive wear on your trailer and tires.
  • We do not recommend placing more than 400-500 lbs. of Lead Wake in your boat depending on the size of your boat
  • The Lead Wake will not float
  • Handle with care. Be careful while handling the Lead Wake as they are heavy and could cause injuries if dropped on a person. In addition, use proper lifting techniques while moving the bags from place to place.

Additional information

Bag Size

50 lbs


– Sturdy Corder 1000D
– Inside Heavy Duty Vinyl Bag
– Heavy Duty nylon strap for easy handling
– Weighted by steel pellets.


Shipping is $12.65 per bag via USPS Priority.


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