2018 Polar Bear – 10 Year Anniversary

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Jessie, Amy and I are traveling through Nebraska right now heading to Tennessee on another wake surf adventure.  Our plan was to release a video giving out this information, but that did not work out, so this will have to do 😉  We are very sorry we always have to wait until the last minute to announce this event, but that is always necessary due to many things, especially water conditions.

We are please to announce that we have the best line up of boards and boats for this being our 10 year anniversary. Right now we are scheduling for 8 boats and we can handle 48 people. The location with be at the Lake Oroville Marina and we will have houseboats available or information on hotels in the area. You must arrive at the event location on Friday evening and due to having 8 boats to ride, you must be able to stay at the event until 4pm on Sunday, that’s October 12 – 14, 2018.

Boat List

Please note we will keep you up-to-date with this boat list, but it is subject to change at any time.

  • Special thanks to Fineline industries who will be providing most likely one Centurion and one Supreme boat. We are hoping one of those boats will be the new Fi-25 and maybe even a brand new Supreme model.
  • Special thanks to California Marine Sports and Skiers Choice, we are expecting a 2019 Moomba Makai and of course our 2018 Wake9 Supra SL 550.
  • Special thanks ASFB Marine, we are expecting a brand new Heyday wake surf machine. More details to follow. We are very excited about this boat as we have had a lot of people ask about this manufacturer.
  • Special thanks to Superior Boat Repair and the Woodards offering their 2019 Nautique G23
  • Special thanks to another private owner for providing a 2018 Mastercraft X23.
  • Special thanks to another private owner for providing a 2019 Malibu 24MXZ
  • Special thanks to another private owner for providing a MB Sports B52 23.

I know that is 9 boats, but there is always a problem with 1. 😉 What a line up!!

Board List

As always, this is subject to change.

  • Soulcraft
  • Chaos
  • Bluesurf
  • Kanuk
  • Hyperlite
  • Libtec
  • Zombie

Special Notes and Requirements

  • Sign ups will open at 7pm PDT on 9/15, not 9/14 as originally posted. Signs up sell out quickly, so plan for it.
  • First timers will be given a priority, contact us at [email protected]  if you are a first timer.
  • You must attend the entire event, you can’t leave early. You must surf all 8 boats.
  • Any skill level welcome, but you must be able to surf without the rope to attend. There just isn’t enough time to teach a beginner that can’t at least get up and let go of the rope.
  • The price will be $250 person and will include all your meals from Saturday breakfast to Sunday lunch. There is no discount for brining your own food or skipping a meal.
  • Each rider will be allowed to bring one backpack or similar sized bag on the boat, and you may bring your own board, but do not need your own board.
  • Every rider will have 1 session per boat. Each session  will be approximately 15 minutes. There will be two morning sessions and two afternoon sessions each day. That is a lot of surfing so make sure your mind and body are prepared for it.
  • Come prepared to make friends for life. You may request to be in the same group as another individual, however we can not always honor all requests, but we will do our best.

Stay tuned to this page or to our wake9 facebook page for up-to-date information.