So the settings we used for the making of this video may vary a bit, since we may move lead around depending on extra people coming in the boat, etc. The important thing is that you watch these 2 videos so that you can understand why I put the lead where I do, and how to adjust. The point of it, is to have your lead placed so that when you are at your perfect pitch and roll, your water ballast will be at or very near 100/100/100.

Pitch and Roll

I have found that regular is very forgiving and you have a lot of leeway. So here is goofy first. IMO, to setup a boat for great transfers, you should always start with the LESS forgiving side.

Goofy Pitch and Roll and Surf tab

4º-5º of roll. Basically, roll just to the point where it cleans up. I have at times used 6 when it is really rough and the chop is causing wash, but 4-5 is what I use 90% of the time.

10.5º of pitch. I would try 9-11, and see where you like it. IMO anything 9 or below loses too much push. Past 11 and the wave loses its shape.

WakePlate at 0 for goofy, even 25 can start to cause wash, 0 is best.

Surf tab on Goofy is set to default, which is 70

Speed is 11.0 – 11.8, 90% of the time is 11.4 mph.

Regular Pitch and Roll and Surf tab

0º- -1º of roll. You can do -2º, but the wave is great at 0 and that is best since this boat requires a bit extra roll on goofy, and if you transfer when at 4-5º of roll on goofy, you will end up at 0 on regular, and the wave is great, so leave it there. If you add more roll to regular, say -2º, then when you transfer auto wake will make adjustments. This is not so bad on regular, but when you go back to goofy, it will be dirty until the system adjusts, so if you leave it at 0 for regular, your transfers will be clean.

10.5º of pitch. I would try 9-11, and see where you like it. IMO anything 9 or below loses too much push. Past 11 and the wave loses its shape.

WakePlate at 0-25 is fine, nothing above 25 IMO, let the hull do the work.

Surf tab on Regular is set to default, which is 60

Speed is 11.0 – 11.8, 90% of the time is 11.4 mph.


We added 1000 lbs of lead. This is a good deal of lead, we ran 800 in our SE and the mojo has more water ballast. But if you look up the weights of the boats you will see the SL/SE/SA are much heavier boats, so to have a wave that is comparable, you need the lead. Placement when I am just running the 3 of us, me, wife, J, is as follows:

6 50lb bags in each rear side which go under side seat as far back as you can, to the edge of the rear bag but NOT in the rear locker.

8 50lb bags in the front. Put as far forward as you can for leverage. Watch my videos above to understand placement and how to adjust.

Regarding Surf Tabs

So there is a new feature with 2021, and it is called “displacement integration”. What this does is the boat has a draft sensor that measures displacement, which is pretty cool. The system senses your ballast level and assigns a value called “displacement stage”. There are 3 stages, 0, 1, and 2. The highest stage is when you are weighted down the most. If you are setup like I have stated above, you should be at 2 all the time.

When the stage is at 2, then flow 3 will be fully engaged. When at stage 1 flow 2 will have surf tabs at 70/60 (goofy/regular) as the default. Remember that when I say goofy surf tab, that is actually the tab on the port side, and vice versa. When at stage 0, the displacement integration system will assume you want a bit less tab and adjust 10. So it will make those defaults 60/50. When at stage 3, it will do the opposite and add 10, so the defaults become 80/70.

IMHO the wave is best if they always stay at their default of 70/60. If they go up to 80/70, there is a bit less push and the wave on goofy is washer. The GREAT news is that you can adjust this on the fly (if you are a dealer) and they dealer can also adjust this permanently. I am working on a video to make this very easy for your dealer.

I found in my boat, the draft sensor was installed a bit high, so I was getting low displacement readings, and even fully weighted, the system was bouncing between stages 1 and 2, and so my wave was inconsistent. I fixed these issues by permanently adjusting some values, which a dealer can do for you, or instruct you.

I changed 2 areas. I changed the point at which the system determined the stages so that even with my draft sensor off a bit, the system kept me in stage 2 when I was weighted. This was a simple fix.

There is another setting for flow 2, where you can adjust how much of a “offset” the system makes on your surf tabs. It is normally set to -10 for stage 0, 0 for stage 1, and +10 for stage 2. This means the system will add 10 to your tab defaults when on stage 2. I just zeroed out all of these offsets, so my flow 2 stayed at the 70/60 default all of the time.

Once I made these changes, the wave was great, and always consistent and I used autowake 90% of the time.