This event started in the spring of 2010 and we first called it the Spring Wakesurf Festival. In 2016 (just before the last WCWSO) we made this video looking back and looking forward to the 2016 event. I am glad I have this video to look at fondly. A lot of hard work and sweat and money went into these events, but I am sad to say that wake9 is not going to be able to continue putting on this event. There have been many obstacles over the years, but several more have been added to the list:

The Venue doesn’t work anymore

Camp Far West Lake has been a great host but we increasingly saw more conflict with the local jet skiers and the local hot boats. Our great turnout really swamped that lake with giant waves, and some people didn’t like it.

Rob Harrington, Amy and I have worked to secure a new venue and had just about had it all worked out at Rollins Lake, but that didn’t go through out of concern for damaging some docks/slips.


The uncertainty of the water levels, the back and forth draught conditions, and California politics have always made this difficult, but it has been even worse the last couple years.

Competitive Wake Surfing

I don’t want to sound too negative, but competitive wake surfing just isn’t fun for me anymore. Honestly, it hasn’t been much for the last couple of years but I loved seeing others, especially kids and amateurs get into the sport through the competitions. I have always stated regarding what we do at wake9, that if it isn’t fun anymore, we have to move on. There are others continuing to work in competitive wakesurfing, like the Vilands from AZ Wakesurf. We love Mike and Angie and plan on continuing to support their efforts.

Road Trips

Last year we tried something new with our road trip around the country visiting many lakes, and it brought back EVERYTHING I love about this sport. New friends, new places, family road trips, so great. We want to continue this and even do more and can’t do that and the events at the same time. Also, the cost of the events and the competition for sponsors made it very difficult, and these road trips are so much more economical, and yet still promote the sport the way we want to.

Is that it?

All of that said, I understand that others may want to see this event continue. I tell you that I still love the idea of everyone getting together and surfing and sharing rides and boats like we did so many times at CFW. The camp fires and all, it was the best. I would love to see that continue and I would love to help support that effort. However, I don’t want to LEAD that effort. My kids are getting older and most have moved out and these road trips with our large extended family is where we want to focus. If you think you want to put on an event like the WCWO please contact me and we would love to help someone or a group to promote and pass on our experience, and even attend.

I am sorry for those of you that want to plan their vacations and such around this event, I loved it to, but our family needs to move on or pass it on to someone else. I am both sad to end this chapter for our family, but I can’t tell you how excited I am for this summer. We will be announcing some of our plans this week, stay tuned…

— ragboy